Container with the attribute „special” represents its different (custom tailored) constructional solutions.

It is this exactly different production of ordinary six wall system representing the container that offers unprecedented use properties.
Combined with our creative approach, you will receive almost perfect finished product.

In many cases, the installed technology requires other than standardized container dimensions. In this case, we are able to customize the construction of the container according to customer requirements.

The maximum dimensional modifications of one unit up to now are 18000 mm. in length, 4500 mm. in width and 4500 mm. in height.

Length (m)
Width (m)
Height (m)

The design of the statically appropriate construction of the base frame is relative to the selection of the right construction material. For the base frame of the specialized container, we use by default rolled sections of girder spars, cross girder and bent profiles of corner pillars.

The material used has the quality S235J, S355J. The rolled profiles are characterized by higher strength of steel. Profiles of various sizes from 50-400mm are used, depending on the proposed construction. Upon the customer’s request, the material used can reflect on extreme conditions (-45ºC).

Such materials are made of alloy steel, which has a higher toughness than the standard ones. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor environments with lower temperatures. The construction of the base frame is fully welded, statically adapted to the dimensions of the container and the weight of the inserted technology.

Container sheeting is mainly made from sheet metals in trapezium shape or smooth sheet metals.

Trapezium shape of sheet metal is significant in terms of strength, aesthetic point of view and together with insulation helps to the reduction of noise of installed aggregates.

Smoot sheet metals are more suitable for the construction of tanks and in wall thickness more than 3 mm. if required.

The thickness of trapezium wall coating is made of standard 1,5 mm. and of roof metal sheet coating in 2 mm.

For our company, the safety is at the first place. We use exclusively the certified corner cubes or other handling eyes.

In case of extremely low temperatures (up to -52 Celsius degrees) at the place of the use of the container, we take care of appropriateness of handling elements and, if necessary, we ensure their additional testing in the temperatures defined by the customer.

To handle the forklift, we are able to implement pick-up tunnels into the floor.

In specific cases, our company is able to offer its customers an option of handling through integrated abrol frame or to equip the container with the tilting telescopic legs in accordance with EN283/EN284 regulations.

Handling elements may be used on hinged doors or dismountable forefronts.

To ease the handling of the load in the interior, we are able to integrate crab rails into the container.

Construction of the floor is tailored to specific load conditions.

The flooring group is normally made of flooring frame with cross girders, covered by floor sheet metal. A teardrop sheet metal may be used for a covering, which has a good anti-skid property, with the designer choosing a suitable thickness of sheet metal.

Floor load in this standardized version is approximately 680kg/m2. For extremely heavy loads, the sheet metal up to 10 mm. thickness is used (the project realized with the proportioning of the floor for the insertion of technology with total weight 50 metric tons by now).

The fully welded demarcation variant of 50 mm. with floor sheet metal fulfills the function of the interceptive tub. The interceptive tub fulfills an ecological function and prevents the oil or other liquids to enter the outside environment from inserted technologies.

The galvanized or plastic grates of required load capacity may be used for the separation of walk-about and tub section.

The advantage of steel floor is the possibility of welding of additional support racks, plates and other attachment points.

The flooring made of waterproof plywood fulfills higher demands for thermal insulation.

In the case of the requirement for steel sheet metal insulation, the rock wool covered by galvanized or black sheet metal is used, which is riveted or welded into the base construction.

The floor of the container designed for distributors requires in many cases the construction of double floor with dismountable chipboard plates. The floor surface may be protected by anti-skid, anti resonating or antistatic coating.

The roof design may also be tailored according to requirements of the customer. Usually, the roof part is made of arched trapezium sheet metal of 2 mm. thickness. The arching of roof trapezium sheet metals ensures better drainage of rainwater since it flows down the walls of the container.

The roof part may be dimensioned for further additional load. In this case, the strengthening is solved by additional profiles.

It can be also equipped with technological openings or with dismountable hinged doors for insertion of the aggregate. The execution may be also combined with smooth sheet metal.

The load of the roof at the width 2438 mm. is 150kg/m2. The roof part is walk-about.

The railing, ladder, halfpace, and other technological units may be installed as a supplementary facility. The anti-skid coating may be applied as well.

The supplementary cover of the container coating is insulation that together with external sheet metal create the protection of the container device against external factors and vice versa. The rock wool covered by smooth or perforated plate creates thermal or sound protection.

The rock wool, purchased from the renowned manufacturers, is characterized by its excellent thermal insulation, acoustic and anti-fire properties, increasing the passive safety of container construction. Another advantage of the rock wool is the hydrophobization, chemical neutrality or low thermal conductivity -the thermal conductivity coefficient is 0,039 W.m-1.K-1. Flammability class A1, according to EN 13 162.

Thermal insulation, the reduction of heat transfer, is achieved by paneling of internal walls with rock wool cassettes or with panels with polyutherane padding.

By the sound insulation, the reduction of noise is achieved by internal paneling with cassettes or perforated sheet metal filled with rock wool, which together with trapezium sheet metal help to reduce the noise of installed aggregates. The rock wool is covered with skiver which creates the protection against undesired elements from the outside environment and against falling of the rock wool through perforated sheet metal. To increase efficiency, it is possible to use rock wool of various densities, which ensures the absorption of the noise of the wider sound spectrum.

This may be combined with anti-noise coating which is applied to the sheet metal coating.

The basic purposes of the door include not only the possibility of entry, exit and ventilation, but also preventing unauthorized intrusion and inserting the technology. The constructional solution of the door made by Zovos-Eko Company is custom. Every door is custom-made. The door systems are equipped with closing and locking mechanisms with the possibility of anti-panic function, which enables escape from locked internal space. The single wing or double wing door may be placed either on the front or the side of the container. Every door is secured against its dismantling.

Single wing door – the company offers the production of the personal door made of smooth sheet metal. This constructional solution enables a wider choice of suitable door sealing and gives the container the more aesthetic look.

Double wing door – for more than 10 years the massive hinges developed by the Zovos-Eko Company provide the stability and dimensional variability of double wing door. The hinges are made of stainless steel, which guarantees better protection against corrosion. The number of hinges used is determined by the characteristics of the door. The container door transfers the load of internal equipment, and together with hinges and stop rods, reinforce the construction of the container.

Based on special requirements, the door with fire resistance F30 and more may be used. These doors are certified and purchased from renowned manufacturers.

The door may be fitted with double seals in case of increased requirement to noise reduction.

In case of specialized container solutions designed to fit the technological units of the customer, various technological openings and other accessories are an inseparable part of the coating, floor or the roof.

Technological openings of different shapes and sizes manufactured according to the technical parameters specified by the customer may be made with a frame, socket, grille, flange or hinged door, or eventually with fittings of window systems with accessories.

In order to create required temperature conditions in the interior area of the containers, additional equipment is provided by electrical installation, ventilation, heating or air conditioning.

The outlet and inlet air openings can be equipped with rain blinds. These provide protection against weather conditions, and are equipped with an insect protecting grid. Zovos-Eko Company usually uses aluminum rain blinds, as aluminum alloy provides superior corrosion protection compared to the galvanized one.

Dismountable container front wall offers the possibility of inserting and removing the technology easily and comfortably.

As supplementary equipment, our company offers various access ladders, tilting ramps, platforms with rails, air ducts and others.

The surface treatment gives the product not only the perfect overall look but, most importantly, it also contributes to overall product life. The basic parameter is therefore to determine the suitable paint system! Our company offers paint systems suitable for even the most extreme conditions of use.

The prerequisite for a high-quality painting with the long product life is an advance preparation of the surface to required cleanliness and abrasiveness.

All containers produced in ZOVOS-EKO Company are sprayed with SA 2, 5 prior to customized painting!

Coating compositions are applied in several layers, ensuring the sufficient thickness of paint film.

The color shade or the arrangement of several color shades is in compliance with your ideas. We work usually with shades in RAL, British Standard, Pantone and DB (Deutsche Bahn) scales.

ZOVOS-EKO Company guarantees high-quality paint system, which unburdens you from possible costs related to maintenance.